Created 2011 () by Doug Brown and Aaron Yendall (Founders of MILSIG Direct), PsiOps was originaly designed to provide MILSIG products and promote the almost non-existant niche of MagFed in the world of paintball. Through their combined efforts their mission was a success. MagFed has become a dominate part of paintball and continues to grow beyond the expectations of everyone. There are MagFed games happening almost daily around the globe and every manufacturer in paintball now plays a part in the MagFed world. However, through the years, one manufacturer stood and continues to stand above the rest: MILSIG Industries.

Today, PsiOps is so much more. PsiOps has become a provider of unique MagFed paintball products specifically designed for use in and outside of the realm of MILSIG products. From the FXR body kit for the Tiberius / TiPX pistol to the Side rails for the MILSIG SMG, PsiOps listens to what people want and provides tangible solutions.

PsiOps Products


The PSIOPS Arbiter rail system is designed to seamlessly install any imperial threaded AR15 hand guard on to any MILSIG marker without any modifications. Now you can add shrouds from popular brands like Fortis, Noveske, Madbull and more.

The Arbiter rail system uses a MILSPEC Standard 1.250"-20 thread to allow fitment of any imperial threaded AR15 hand guard with a seamless monolithic top rail (when used with the optional arbiter top rail for M17 CQC).

Precision milling of aluminum billet allows for hand guard mounting without any barrel offset. This means you can either use free float or delta ring style hand guards.

The Arbiter front block is compatible with any 7/8" barrel. We recommend use of the Marksman Hybrid line of barrels for a seamless fit.

The Arbiter rail system is a bolt on modification that maintains barrel alignment and requires no modifications to your marker for installation.

NEW : SMG Side Rails

Machined from T6-6061 Aircraft grade aluminium, these side rails have been specificly designed to fit your MILSIG M17 SMG MagFed Paintball marker. You will now be able to add your favorite side-mounting accessories to the now legendary SMG shroud.

NEW : Top Rail

Machined from T6-6061 Aircraft grade aluminium, this top-rail specificly designed to fit your MILSIG M17 Paintball marker. For those people who have markers that use a shroud which include a top rail, but want to use the new Arbiter barrel block with a third party free floating shroud, then this top rail will fit nicely.


The QDSM ( Quick Disconnect and Sling Mount ) offers several both physical and performance benefits that will help your game.

Primarily, the QDSM removes the need to use cotter pins to hold your HeatCore in place. Instead, using a folding tab to not only lock the HeatCore pins in place, but to provide tension to the core in its mounted position. Our indepth testing has shown that applying tension to the HeatCore while installed can reduce the chances of misfire, especially when a large tank or heavy stock is installed.

Secondarily, the QDSM also offers a new sling mount position, which is in one of the sturdiest points of the marker. This is ideal for those running the HCS who have removed the factory sling mount, as well as many other applications.

The QDSM is made entirely from heat treated steel, offering a near indestructible construction.

FXR : Force Multiplier

The FxR is a purpose built pistol to carbine kit designed to work with both the Tiberius T8.1/9.1 as well as the Tippmann TiPX. This platform allows you to gain a stable rifle platform from your existing pistol. The FxR offers unparalleled stability and rigidity along with a full compliment of modular rails to add whatever accessories you see fit. Top this off with an offset stock rail for clearer sight picture and you have a Marksman platform unlike any other.

FirstStrike Breech Block

The PsiOps FirstStrike Breech Block set a standard for unparalleled FirstStrike feed and stability. Why reinvent the wheel? Because we can! The second generation of the PsiOps First Strike Breech Block includes two major improvements: Enhanced barrel threading for superior cross brand barrel compatibility and dual genuine PsiOps FirstStrike detents that cup the surface of the round for superior stability.


You can now run your Tippmann TiPX psitol on a Proconnect3. We have designed a new male nipple that uses the back check valve in your TiPX. Simply unscrew the standard male quick disconnect nipple off you TiPX remote adapter, take the back check valve out and put it in your PC3x male nipple, apply sealant to the threads, and screw the PC3x male nipple into the the remote line adapter. A simple 2 minute operation. The PC3x comes with two extra valve top o-rings for your Proconnect3 remote system too.

Discontinued :
PsiOps Marksman TiPX Barrel

The now discontinued PsiOps/Marksman 165 mm barrel for the Tippmann TiPX was rifled to take advantage of the PsiOps First Strike breeches for the TiPX. The .689 bore was ideal to cover the most common range of paintball sizes, and are a perfect fit for First Strike rounds. Aside from the proven benefits of rifling for use with regular paintballs, our design enhanced the natural rotation of the First Strike rounds to create even greater rotational speeds.

Don't Worry! This barrel took on a new life under the Marksman brand of paintball barrels found at:

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"When you decide to step up to this kind of game and this kind of challenge, then you are ready to play real paintball.
MagFed Paintball."

— George

We do our best to attend ALL MagFed uprising events around the country, and when we can't attend, we do what we can to support them. Check out MagFed Uprising when you're ready to play MagFed on any level.